Sunday, January 18, 2009


I understand that pre-set formats probably aren't very Rock and Roll. But I've never been one for graphic design, or computers. Thus the beauty you see before you. After all, what template is more Rock and Roll then an all black one? None. I did my best.

I never really got the whole blogging scene, but I've always been interested in pursuing rock journalism.
Unfortunately none of my credentials matter to people in my major. So I'm going to fight the power and blog.

My fiance is kind of my inspiration, he has his own blog ( I don't really understand much of what it means (see first paragraph), but he's writing about something that he loves and for that I give him credit and decided to copy him.

Because nothing is more rock and roll than copying your significant other.

More blogs to come. I plan on doing everything from music reviews to ranting about how ridiculous Ugg boots with leggings are.

Peace out.